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Did you know that a majority of music used on TV and the web goes unreported? Our audio recognition technology will scan TV channels and websites around the globe to discover where your music is being played—so you can get paid. Watch the Video.


Taking control of your catalog starts here. Simply upload your tracks, then let our custom audio recognition technology take over. We can find your music in environments where your music might be barely audible. You can even purchase data going as far back as three years.

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Whether you’ve discovered an unauthorized use or an unpaid royalty, TuneSat is able to provide all the information you need to take control of your music, including a companion audio recording to use when protecting your ownership rights.

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Find unauthorized uses? TuneSat can help. With your catalog tracking in our database, you’ll be able to monitor where your music’s being played, capture data, and capitalize on trends as they arise.

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Become A Premium Member

Membership starts at just $35, and is perfect for songwriters, record labels, and music publishers—anyone with large music catalogs to monitor. You’ll get unlimited “detections” of your music per month, support from Tunesat customer service, plus advanced features in your database that will help manage your catalog and detection data.

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Easy To Use

Take a peek at our user-friendly dashboard. You can keep it simple or customize your data.

A Few Of Our Partners

I can’t live without fingerprinting technology. It is just part of the tools needed to run a library or music catalog. — Cassie Lord, 5 Alarm Music, US
TuneSat service is invaluable, period. — Henry Olmino, Composer, Orange Music, US
TuneSat provides an invaluable service to all stakeholders in the music performance supply chain on TV. By providing realtime detection data across a broad network of broadcast and cable channels in the US, TuneSat clients are able to receive up-to-the-minute intelligence on where their copyrighted assets are being used. As a PRO, we’re thrilled that TuneSat has advanced the ball when it comes to automating identification of TV performances! — Hunter Williams, SVP, Strategic Development/Dist. & Research Ops, SESAC, US