Scott Schreer, Founder & CEO

Scott Schreer is one of America’s most active TV composers and producers today. His music can be heard every ten seconds around the world. Having earned six Emmy nominations, he is the driving creative force behind much of today’s most recognizable music on television. A seasoned music technology and production company executive, his experience extends beyond the studio. Schreer is a highly successful entrepreneur and innovator with a vast network of professional connections in the television broadcast and music industries. The genesis for the development of TuneSat grew out of Scott’s interest in solving the age-old problem of getting composers paid for the use of their music on television.

Chris Woods, Co-Founder & COO

Chris Woods is an accomplished composer, musician, producer and engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the music business and sound processing technologies. A graduate of the Berklee School of Music, he’s created music branding packages for numerous television networks, including Fox Sports, Versus and Big Ten. Since co-founding TuneSat in 2007, Woods has been instrumental in building the company’s technological portfolio, including the surveying, acquisition and development of audio fingerprinting algorithms. His personal knowledge of music royalty collection issues gives him unique insight into how and why the system for monitoring, reporting and collection of music on television, radio and the internet needs to change—starting with TuneSat.

Sylvain Demongeot, CTO

Sylvain Demongeot is a talented innovator, engineer, software developer and entrepreneur. He created the world—renowned software Data Rescue and Ask the DJ, as well as Tunatic, the consumer—oriented precursor of TuneSat’s technology. Sylvain first acquired experience with broadcast industry technologies while working in R&D at various companies. As a software consultant he has worked for data storage industry leaders such as LaCie, Archos, and PikaOne. Sylvain’s innovative spirit, technical expertise and knowledge of audio technologies and the TV broadcasting industry make him a core asset to the TuneSat team.